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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
151Aibhlingirlbright oneIrish, Greek1Log In to Vote
152AichagirlaliveArabic1Log In to Vote
153AidagirlEnglishjoyful, helper, reward1Log In to Vote
154Aidangirllittle fire, helpIrish, Gaelic2Log In to Vote
155AidegirlLatin1Log In to Vote
156AidengirlFireGaelic1Log In to Vote
157AieshagirlwomanArabic1Log In to Vote
158Aijagirlmeans melody and is a place in the bible0Log In to Vote
159Aijahgirl0Log In to Vote
160AikagirlLove songJapanese0Log In to Vote
161Aikogirlbeloved one, little loveJapanese4Log In to Vote
162Ailagirllight-bearerFinnish6Log In to Vote
163AilainagirlIrish0Log In to Vote
164AileegirlLove, wisdomJapanese1Log In to Vote
165Aileengirllight, green meadowGreek, Celtic0Log In to Vote
166AileygirlLightIrish1Log In to Vote
167AilingirlpreciousGerman1Log In to Vote
168AillidhgirlPronounced Ah-leeScottish0Log In to Vote
169Ailsagirlconsecrated to godHebrew2Log In to Vote
170Ailyngirlintelligent,beautiful woman with a good personality and with a big heartAmerican0Log In to Vote
171Ailynnegirlair, lightAmerican0Log In to Vote
172Aimeegirlbeloved, likedLatin1Log In to Vote
173Aimslygirl0Log In to Vote
174Aingirlprecious, eyeArabic0Log In to Vote
175Ainagirlcomplicated deliveryYoruban0Log In to Vote
176AinegirljoyCeltic1Log In to Vote
177AineceygirlLatin0Log In to Vote
178Ainhoagirlreference to the Virgin MaryBasque0Log In to Vote
179AinsleegirlAmerican1Log In to Vote
180Ainsleygirlmy meadowScottish16Log In to Vote
181AintzanegirlgloriousBasque0Log In to Vote
182AiofegirlMeaning beauty. Pronounced EE-FyaIrish0Log In to Vote
183Airealgirl1Log In to Vote
184AireannagirlAmerican1Log In to Vote
185AirliagirletherealGreek0Log In to Vote
186AirynegirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
187AishagirllifeArabic4Log In to Vote
188AisleygirlEnglish0Log In to Vote
189Aislinggirldream or visionGaelic, Irish0Log In to Vote
190Aislinngirla dream, vision, inspirationCeltic10Log In to Vote
191Aislyngirlmy dreamCeltic, Irish1Log In to Vote
192Aislynngirl realm of enchantment, magic or dream; fearie Celtic, English, Irish0Log In to Vote
193AissagirlgratefulAfrican0Log In to Vote
194Aisygirlshortened form of AislynAmerican, Irish0Log In to Vote
195Aithnegirllittle fireCeltic3Log In to Vote
196Aiyanagirleternal bloomNative-American2Log In to Vote
197AiyannagirlEternal BloomNative-American2Log In to Vote
198Aiylagirlthe beautiful Teutonic0Log In to Vote
199Aizygirlshortened form of AislynAmerican, Irish0Log In to Vote
200AjagirlgoatAfrican1Log In to Vote
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