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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101AderonkegirlThe crown has something to cherishAfrican, Yoruban0Log In to Vote
102Adesinagirlthe way is opened for moreYoruban0Log In to Vote
103AdhanyagirlprincessHindu0Log In to Vote
104AdhiragirllightningHindu2Log In to Vote
105AdiagirlInspired by the song "Adia" by Sarah McLachlanAmerican0Log In to Vote
106Adianagirlthe night's falling reveals the angels' beautyAmerican5Log In to Vote
107AdiegirlornamentHebrew1Log In to Vote
108AdinagirlvoluptuousHebrew0Log In to Vote
109AdinegirldelicateHebrew0Log In to Vote
110AdishreegirlexaltedHindu0Log In to Vote
111Aditigirlfree and unboundedHindu1Log In to Vote
112Adivagirlpleasant, gentleArabic2Log In to Vote
113Adleygirl1Log In to Vote
114AdmiregirladmireAmerican2Log In to Vote
115Adolfinagirlnoble wolf, noble heroGerman1Log In to Vote
116Adonagirlfeminine of Adolph1Log In to Vote
117AdonciagirlsweetSpanish0Log In to Vote
118AdoniagirlbeautifulGreek2Log In to Vote
119Adoragirlbeloved oneFrench1Log In to Vote
120Adoreegirlsomeone to adoreLatin0Log In to Vote
121Adriagirlfeminine of AdrianHebrew1Log In to Vote
122Adriangirl0Log In to Vote
123Adrianagirldark, richSpanish13Log In to Vote
124AdriannagirldarkRomanian, French10Log In to Vote
125Adriannegirl0Log In to Vote
126Adriellegirl0Log In to Vote
127Adriennegirlrich, wealthy, dark oneGreek, Latin1Log In to Vote
128AdryangirlLuckiest Girl in the World, Special0Log In to Vote
129Aemilliagirl2Log In to Vote
130aerabellagirlbeautifulAmerican7Log In to Vote
131AerisgirlThe transliteration of a popular character from Final Fantasy 7. Can mean "flower seller" or "white mage".American3Log In to Vote
132Aeryngirlvariant of ErinAmerican5Log In to Vote
133AffinitygirlAmerican6Log In to Vote
134AfinagirlblueberryRumanian0Log In to Vote
135Afragirlfrom AfricaLatin0Log In to Vote
136Africagirlpleasing, pleasantCeltic1Log In to Vote
137Aftongirlriver nameEnglish1Log In to Vote
138Agapegirllove of the nextGreek1Log In to Vote
139Agathagirlgood, kindGreek5Log In to Vote
140Aglaiagirlwisdom, gloryGreek0Log In to Vote
141Agnesgirllamb, pure, chasteLatin2Log In to Vote
142AgnetagirlpureGreek, German0Log In to Vote
143Agnisgirlinnocent and beautiful lamb immortally lovely giftLatin0Log In to Vote
144AgnusgirllambLatin0Log In to Vote
145Agrippagirlborn feet firstLatin0Log In to Vote
146Aguilagirl0Log In to Vote
147Ahavagirlname of a river, loveHebrew0Log In to Vote
148Ahimsagirlnonviolent virtueHindu0Log In to Vote
149Ahmyagirl2Log In to Vote
150AigirlloveJapanese0Log In to Vote
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