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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51Yogiboyone of the yoga practiceJapanese0Log In to Vote
52Yohannboyform of JohanGerman0Log In to Vote
53YongboycourageousChinese0Log In to Vote
54YonitboyCzech, Hindu0Log In to Vote
55Yorkboyyew tree, from the farm of yew treesEnglish0Log In to Vote
56Yoshiboybetter, bestJapanese0Log In to Vote
57YoshifumiboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
58YoshimitsuboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
59YoshiyukiboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
60YoungboyEnglish0Log In to Vote
61YowahboyEskimo Name: Seal peaks out of ice holeNative-American0Log In to Vote
62YsgarranboyWelsh0Log In to Vote
63YuboyuniverseChinese0Log In to Vote
64YudhajitboyHindu0Log In to Vote
65YukiboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
66Yukioboygets what he wants, God will nourishJapanese0Log In to Vote
67Yulboyfrom the far horizonMongolian0Log In to Vote
68Yuleboyborn at ChristmasEnglish0Log In to Vote
69Yumaboyson of the chiefNative-American0Log In to Vote
70YutakaboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
71Yuvrajboyprince0Log In to Vote
72Yvesboyyew, archerTeutonic0Log In to Vote
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