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1KingstonboyThe capital of JamaicaEnglish24Log In to Vote
2Kaleboystrong and manlyHawaiian10Log In to Vote
3Kaneboytribute, warrior; the doubly-accomplished, golden; man, the eastern sky; beautifulGaelic, Japanese, Hawaiian, Welsh10Log In to Vote
4Kieranboysmall and dark-skinnedGaelic10Log In to Vote
5Kybaboy10Log In to Vote
6Kadenboy9Log In to Vote
7KylerboyarcherDutch8Log In to Vote
8Kaelanboyslender, fairGaelic7Log In to Vote
9KaydenboyAmerican7Log In to Vote
10Kevinboygentle, lovableGaelic7Log In to Vote
11Kyleboyhandsome, near the chapel, narrow, narrow channel, straitGaelic5Log In to Vote
12Kaiboysea, willow treeHawaiian5Log In to Vote
13Knoxboyfrom the hillsEnglish4Log In to Vote
14Kalebboy4Log In to Vote
15Kaidenboy4Log In to Vote
16Kaylenboybeloved, sweetheartArabic4Log In to Vote
17KallanboystrongScottish4Log In to Vote
18Kellyboybrave warriorIrish4Log In to Vote
19Kennethboyhandsome; born of fire; royal oathGaelic, Scottish, English4Log In to Vote
20Kasenboyprotected with a helmetLatin3Log In to Vote
21Kearyboyfather's dark childCeltic3Log In to Vote
22Kodaboyblack bearNative-American3Log In to Vote
23Kianboy3Log In to Vote
24KodyboyhelpfulEnglish3Log In to Vote
25Kaschboylike a blackbirdGerman2Log In to Vote
26Kirkboyfrom the churchNorse2Log In to Vote
27KearneyboywarriorCeltic2Log In to Vote
28Karsonboy2Log In to Vote
29Kadinboyfriend, companionArabic2Log In to Vote
30Kieferboybarrel-makerGerman2Log In to Vote
31KeganboyfieryCeltic2Log In to Vote
32Keeferboynoble gentleCeltic2Log In to Vote
33Kabirboyname of a famous saintHindu2Log In to Vote
34KellenboyswampGerman2Log In to Vote
35Kelvinboyname of a river; from the narrow riverCeltic, Gaelic1Log In to Vote
36KelseyboyCeol's island, beautiful island; from the ship's island, shipping harborEnglish1Log In to Vote
37Kendrickboyson of HenryGaelic1Log In to Vote
38KeveboypebbleHungarian1Log In to Vote
39KingboyrulerEnglish1Log In to Vote
40Kellboyfrom the springEnglish1Log In to Vote
41Keatonboywhere hawks flyEnglish1Log In to Vote
42KyronboyEnglish1Log In to Vote
43Kelemanboygentle, kindHungarian1Log In to Vote
44Kelbyboyfrom the farm by the springsNorse1Log In to Vote
45KhouryboypriestArabic1Log In to Vote
46KorbinboyRavenLatin1Log In to Vote
47Keelandboylittle and slenderGaelic1Log In to Vote
48KempboychampionEnglish1Log In to Vote
49KhaidynboyAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
50KenanboypossessionHebrew1Log In to Vote
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