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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
151Hudboybright soulGerman0Log In to Vote
152Hudsonboy1Log In to Vote
153Hueyboyfrom the name HughGerman0Log In to Vote
154Hughboybright in mind and spirit, intelligentEnglish, Teutonic0Log In to Vote
155HughesboyFrench0Log In to Vote
156HugoboyintelligentTeutonic1Log In to Vote
157Humbertboyfamous HunGerman0Log In to Vote
158Humphreyboysupporter of peaceTeutonic0Log In to Vote
159Hunorboya name of an etnhic groupHungarian0Log In to Vote
160HunterboyhunterEnglish11Log In to Vote
161Huntleyboyhunter's meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
162Husseinboyhandsome oneArabic2Log In to Vote
163Huyboyglasses American, Anglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
164Hylan boyEnglish0Log In to Vote
165HymanboylifeHebrew0Log In to Vote
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