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1Ethanboystrong, firm, constantHebrew, Latin35Log In to Vote
2Emmettboyhard worker, truthEnglish25Log In to Vote
3Edwardboyguardian of prosperity, guardian of the mistsEnglish15Log In to Vote
4ElijahboyJehovah is GodHebrew15Log In to Vote
5Evanboyyoung warrior, well-bornCeltic, Greek12Log In to Vote
6Ericboyever-powerfulScandinavian7Log In to Vote
7Ezekielboystrength of GodHebrew7Log In to Vote
8Eastonboy7Log In to Vote
9Elliottboy6Log In to Vote
10EmmanuelboyGod is with usHebrew5Log In to Vote
11Edisonboyson of EdwardEnglish5Log In to Vote
12EliboyelevationHebrew5Log In to Vote
13Ezraboyhelper, salvationHebrew4Log In to Vote
14EliotboyheightHebrew4Log In to Vote
15ElliotboyJehovah is GodHebrew4Log In to Vote
16Edwinboyprosperous friend, heir's axeGerman4Log In to Vote
17EliasboyJehovah is GodHebrew3Log In to Vote
18EmersonboyEmery's sonEnglish3Log In to Vote
19Emanuelboygod is with usHebrew3Log In to Vote
20ErinboyIrish2Log In to Vote
21Emilioboywinning one or flattererSpanish2Log In to Vote
22Everettboywild boarNorse2Log In to Vote
23Elekboyhelper and defender of mankindHungarian2Log In to Vote
24EnzoboywinnerItalian2Log In to Vote
25Enricoboy2Log In to Vote
26Ewanboywell bornGaelic2Log In to Vote
27Eyanboy2Log In to Vote
28Eryxboyson of Aphrodite and PoseidonGreek2Log In to Vote
29Edanboyflame, fieryCeltic2Log In to Vote
30Eddieboywealthy guardian; short for the name EdwardAmerican2Log In to Vote
31Eamonboywealthy guardianAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
32Eddieboyhappy protectorEnglish2Log In to Vote
33Erikboyform of EricGerman2Log In to Vote
34Eganboyardent, little fireGaelic, Celtic2Log In to Vote
35Eugeneboyborn luckyGreek1Log In to Vote
36Ellisboyfrom the name ElijahHebrew1Log In to Vote
37Earvinboyfriend, handsomeEnglish1Log In to Vote
38Erwinboyfriend of the seaAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
39Ephraimboyvery fruitfulHebrew1Log In to Vote
40Egilboythe edge or point, a stingNorwegian, French1Log In to Vote
41Elvisboyall wise, noble friendAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
42Egmontboyweapon, defenderGerman1Log In to Vote
43Edenboydelightful, adornment, paradiseHebrew1Log In to Vote
44ErekboylovablePolish1Log In to Vote
45Enriqueboyruler of an estateBasque1Log In to Vote
46EstebanboycrownSpanish1Log In to Vote
47Edmondboyprosperous protectorEnglish1Log In to Vote
48Edricboyprosperous rulerAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
49Emirboycharming princeArabic1Log In to Vote
50Edgarboyfortunate spearAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
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