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1Danielboymy judge is the LordHebrew20Log In to Vote
2Davidboybeloved oneHebrew17Log In to Vote
3Dylanboysea god, son of the wavesWelsh17Log In to Vote
4Dominicboyof the lordLatin, Italian15Log In to Vote
5DeclanboygoodnessGaelic12Log In to Vote
6Damianboytamer, divine power, fateGreek12Log In to Vote
7DevinboypoetGaelic10Log In to Vote
8DamienboyuntamedFrench9Log In to Vote
9Donovanboydark warriorGaelic8Log In to Vote
10DanteboylastingItalian7Log In to Vote
11DakotaboyfriendNative-American7Log In to Vote
12Dustinboyvaliant fighter, dark stoneGerman, English6Log In to Vote
13Deanboypresiding official, valleyLatin6Log In to Vote
14Dominikboybelonging to GodLatin5Log In to Vote
15Dimitriboylove of the earthGreek5Log In to Vote
16Douglasboyfrom the dark waterScottish5Log In to Vote
17Diegoboythe suplanterSpanish4Log In to Vote
18Dexterboydexterous, right sideLatin4Log In to Vote
19Drakeboyale duck, dragonEnglish4Log In to Vote
20Demetriusboylover of the earth, given to the Earth goddessGreek4Log In to Vote
21DracoboydragonItalian4Log In to Vote
22DarianboywealthyPersian3Log In to Vote
23DillonboyfaithfulGaelic3Log In to Vote
24Donaldboyruler of the world, brown strangerEnglish3Log In to Vote
25DavisboyDavid's sonScottish3Log In to Vote
26DarrellboydarlingFrench3Log In to Vote
27Desmondboyman of the world, societyCeltic, Latin3Log In to Vote
28Dallasboyplace name, wiseScottish3Log In to Vote
29Damonboyconstant, dayGreek, English3Log In to Vote
30DawsonboyAmerican3Log In to Vote
31DaleboyvalleyNorse, English2Log In to Vote
32Darylboydearly lovedAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
33Daimonboyvariant of Damon; gentle, to tameGreek2Log In to Vote
34Dorianboyplace nameGreek2Log In to Vote
35Davanteboy2Log In to Vote
36Devanteboyfighter of wrongSpanish2Log In to Vote
37Derickboyruler of the peopleDutch2Log In to Vote
38Dennisboyof dionysusGreek2Log In to Vote
39Donboynickname of the name DonaldEnglish2Log In to Vote
40DariusboykingPersian2Log In to Vote
41Dineshboyday GodHindu2Log In to Vote
42Dwayneboyfield or meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
43DevlinboybraveGaelic2Log In to Vote
44Dixonboypowerful rulerTeutonic2Log In to Vote
45D'AndreaboyGreek2Log In to Vote
46DevonboydefenderEnglish2Log In to Vote
47Daneboyfrom DenmarkEnglish2Log In to Vote
48DukeboyleaderLatin2Log In to Vote
49DerekboyrulerGerman1Log In to Vote
50Denverboygreen valleyEnglish1Log In to Vote
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