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101Catoboysagacious, wise oneLatin0Log In to Vote
102Catonboyknowledgeable, wiseSpanish1Log In to Vote
103CavanboyhandsomeGaelic2Log In to Vote
104CavinboyAustralian, German0Log In to Vote
105Caydenboyspirit of battleGaelic14Log In to Vote
106CaysonboyAmerican0Log In to Vote
107Ceasarboyto cutLatin0Log In to Vote
108CecilboyblindLatin1Log In to Vote
109Ceddariusboywise, brilliant oneAfrican, American0Log In to Vote
110Cedricboybounty, spectacle, founderWelsh1Log In to Vote
111CedthboyComes from Seth ouy the bible.0Log In to Vote
112CeejayboyEnglish0Log In to Vote
113Ceilboy0Log In to Vote
114CemalboybeautyArabic0Log In to Vote
115CengisboyTurkish, Australian0Log In to Vote
116Chadboywarlike, warriorEnglish2Log In to Vote
117ChadwickboywarriorCeltic2Log In to Vote
118ChaikaboylifeHebrew0Log In to Vote
119ChaimboylifeHebrew1Log In to Vote
120Chalboyboy, sonEnglish0Log In to Vote
121Chaleboy0Log In to Vote
122Chalmersboyson of the lordScottish0Log In to Vote
123ChamanboygardenHindu0Log In to Vote
124Chanceboykeeper of the records; originally was a nickname for ChancellorEnglish3Log In to Vote
125ChancellorboysecretaryFrench0Log In to Vote
126ChanderboymoonHindu0Log In to Vote
127Chandlerboycandle makerFrench3Log In to Vote
128Chaneboyname of a god, dependabilityHindu0Log In to Vote
129Chaneyboyoak-woodFrench0Log In to Vote
130ChanlonboyMoon (Chan) of London (Lon)0Log In to Vote
131ChanningboyknowingEnglish3Log In to Vote
132ChapalboyquickHindu0Log In to Vote
133ChapinboyclergymanFrench0Log In to Vote
134ChapmanboymerchantEnglish0Log In to Vote
135Charanboya humble personHindu0Log In to Vote
136Charlesboymanly, strongEnglish23Log In to Vote
137Charlieboynickname for CharlesGerman, English9Log In to Vote
138ChaseboyhunterFrench18Log In to Vote
139Chasenboy"huntsman"American0Log In to Vote
140Chataboyan endingAfrican0Log In to Vote
141Chatwinboywarlike friendEnglish0Log In to Vote
142ChaunceyboychancellorLatin2Log In to Vote
143Chayseboy3Log In to Vote
144Chaysonboyhonest and handsomeAmerican1Log In to Vote
145ChaytonboyfalconNative-American0Log In to Vote
146ChazboyNickname for CharlesEnglish, German0Log In to Vote
147Che-tyanboyCan also be spell and pronouce (Chet-yan) Chinese0Log In to Vote
148Chenboygreat, vastChinese0Log In to Vote
149Cheneyboyfrom the oak forestFrench0Log In to Vote
150Chesareboy0Log In to Vote
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