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1BabulboyGate of GodHindu1Log In to Vote
2BaeboyinspirationKorean0Log In to Vote
3Baharboyspring (season)Persian0Log In to Vote
4Baileyboybailiff, fortification, ableFrench10Log In to Vote
5Bainganaboypeople are equalSwahili0Log In to Vote
6BairdboyminstrelScottish0Log In to Vote
7BairnboychildScottish0Log In to Vote
8BajnokboyvictorHungarian0Log In to Vote
9BakariboypromiseSwahili0Log In to Vote
10Bakerboycomes from the names Baxter, BaxleyIrish2Log In to Vote
11BalavanboypowerfulHindu0Log In to Vote
12BalboboyinarticulateLatin0Log In to Vote
13Balderboygod of lightSwedish1Log In to Vote
14Baldwinboybold friendGerman3Log In to Vote
15Baleboyhome of the Mutima clanUgandan0Log In to Vote
16Baliboymighty warriorHindu0Log In to Vote
17BalianboyAmerican0Log In to Vote
18Balintboystrong and healthyLatin1Log In to Vote
19Ballardboya dancing songEnglish0Log In to Vote
20Balooboydancing bear0Log In to Vote
21Balramboystrong GodHindu0Log In to Vote
22Balthazarboy0Log In to Vote
23Bancroftboybean fieldEnglish0Log In to Vote
24Bandeleboyborn away from homeYoruban0Log In to Vote
25Banditboyrobber or thief0Log In to Vote
26BandonboyA town in Ireland and Oregon. Variation of Landon.Irish0Log In to Vote
27Baneboylong-awaited childHawaiian0Log In to Vote
28BankimboycurvedHindu0Log In to Vote
29Banksboyplace where money is kept0Log In to Vote
30Banningboyblond childGaelic0Log In to Vote
31BannonboywhiteIrish1Log In to Vote
32BansiboyfluteHindu0Log In to Vote
33Banyonboynamed for the tree in South Africa0Log In to Vote
34Banzaiboy10,000 years of lifeJapanese0Log In to Vote
35BarabasboyBarabbaHebrew0Log In to Vote
36Barackboy French, Greek0Log In to Vote
37Barakboythunder or in vainArabic, Hebrew0Log In to Vote
38Baranboyform of star aldebaranLatin0Log In to Vote
39BarberboybeardLatin0Log In to Vote
40Barclayboybirch meadowEnglish0Log In to Vote
41Bardenboyboar's denEnglish0Log In to Vote
42Bardoboyson of the earthDanish0Log In to Vote
43Bardolphboyfamous wolf; ax wolf; ferociousEnglish0Log In to Vote
44Bardonboybarley valleyAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
45BarendboybearGerman0Log In to Vote
46Bariboyspear thrower, son of Harry, marksmanFrench0Log In to Vote
47Barnaboyson of comforting0Log In to Vote
48Barnabasboyson of prophecyHebrew1Log In to Vote
49Barnabéboyform of Barnabas; son of prophecyFrench, Hebrew0Log In to Vote
50Barnabyboyson of ProphecyHebrew0Log In to Vote
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