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1AidenboyfireGaelic38Log In to Vote
2Alexanderboyprotector of mankindGreek23Log In to Vote
3Adrianboyrich, wealthy, dark oneGreek, Latin11Log In to Vote
4Ashtonboyash treeEnglish11Log In to Vote
5Aidanboyhelp, little fireIrish, Gaelic8Log In to Vote
6Adamboyearth, created by GodHebrew8Log In to Vote
7Anthonyboypriceless, flourishing, flowerLatin7Log In to Vote
8Alexboyprotector of mankind (from the name Alexander)Greek7Log In to Vote
9Asherboyfortunate, lucky, blessed, happyHebrew7Log In to Vote
10AugustboyexaltedLatin7Log In to Vote
11Averyboyruler of the elvesAnglo-Saxon6Log In to Vote
12Aaronboyshining light, high mountain, messengerHebrew, Arabic6Log In to Vote
13Andrewboymanly, valiant, courageousGreek, French6Log In to Vote
14AustinboyhelpfulLatin6Log In to Vote
15Antonioboyworthy of praiseSpanish6Log In to Vote
16Alaricboynoble rulerGerman5Log In to Vote
17Arthurboynoble, follower of ThorCeltic5Log In to Vote
18Atticusboyfather-likeEnglish5Log In to Vote
19Aldenboyantique, old, wise protector, old friendEnglish5Log In to Vote
20Ansonboyson of a nobleman, son of Ann or HansAnglo-Saxon4Log In to Vote
21Astinboystrong leader, trustworthyFrench4Log In to Vote
22Alanboyhandsome, cheerful, nobleGaelic, Celtic4Log In to Vote
23Abramboyexalted fatherHebrew4Log In to Vote
24Alastairboyprotector of mankind, defender, helperScottish4Log In to Vote
25Amadeusboylove of GodLatin3Log In to Vote
26AriboylionHebrew3Log In to Vote
27AmirboyprinceArabic3Log In to Vote
28Archieboytruly brave (from the name Archibald)German3Log In to Vote
29Andersonboyson of AndrewScottish3Log In to Vote
30Alderboybirch tree, revered oneEnglish3Log In to Vote
31AvalonboyislandEnglish3Log In to Vote
32AugustusboyexaltedLatin3Log In to Vote
33Arturoboystrong as a bearCeltic3Log In to Vote
34Alecboyprotector of menGreek3Log In to Vote
35AudreyboyAmerican2Log In to Vote
36Allenboyfair, handsomeCeltic, Gaelic2Log In to Vote
37Armaniboy2Log In to Vote
38Alvinboyelf wine, noble friendEnglish2Log In to Vote
39AugustineboygreatLatin2Log In to Vote
40Aydenboy2Log In to Vote
41AdenboyAmerican2Log In to Vote
42Albertboynoble and brightGerman2Log In to Vote
43Altonboymiracle from aboveCeltic2Log In to Vote
44Adonisboyman loved by Aphrodite, handsomeGreek2Log In to Vote
45AdlerboyeagleGerman2Log In to Vote
46AdamoboyItalian2Log In to Vote
47Aikenboysturdy, oakenAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
48AbrielboyDerived from Adiel or Gabriel.2Log In to Vote
49Anariboy2Log In to Vote
50AmadorboyloverSpanish2Log In to Vote
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