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1AakarshanboyattractionHindu0Log In to Vote
2AamirboyAmerican2Log In to Vote
3Aaronboyshining light, high mountain, messengerHebrew, Arabic6Log In to Vote
4AaryanboyIllustrious,StrongHindu1Log In to Vote
5AayushboyGoodHindu0Log In to Vote
6AbacusboycalculatingGreek0Log In to Vote
7AbbottboyfatherArabic, Aramaic, Hebrew0Log In to Vote
8AbdelboyservantArabic0Log In to Vote
9Abdielboyservant of GodHebrew0Log In to Vote
10AbdiesoboyPersian0Log In to Vote
11Abdulboyservant ofArabic0Log In to Vote
12Abejundioboyrelating to the beeSpanish1Log In to Vote
13Abelboybreath, childHebrew, Assyrian1Log In to Vote
14Abelardboyresolute, keeper of the abbey larderGerman, English0Log In to Vote
15Abenzioboyson of my right handCeltic0Log In to Vote
16AbercioboyLatin0Log In to Vote
17Abhayboya son of DharmaHindu0Log In to Vote
18AbhiboyfearlessHindu1Log In to Vote
19Abhijitboya constellation dear to HariHindu0Log In to Vote
20AbhinandboycongratsHindu0Log In to Vote
21AbhinandanboycongratsHindu0Log In to Vote
22Abhinavboyquite newHindu0Log In to Vote
23Abhishekboyshower of milk/water over an idolHindu1Log In to Vote
24Abieboyfather or mother of manyHebrew1Log In to Vote
25AbielboyIndependent,saviorEnglish0Log In to Vote
26Abijahboythe Lord is my fatherHebrew0Log In to Vote
27AbimaelboyChampion, one who never gives upAmerican, Spanish0Log In to Vote
28Abnerboyfather of lightHebrew1Log In to Vote
29Abrahamboyfather of a multitudeHebrew1Log In to Vote
30Abramboyexalted fatherHebrew4Log In to Vote
31AbrashaboyfatherHebrew0Log In to Vote
32AbrielboyDerived from Adiel or Gabriel.2Log In to Vote
33Abuboyfather ofArabic0Log In to Vote
34Abubakerboy0Log In to Vote
35AbudemioboyAssyrian0Log In to Vote
36AbundiantusboyplentifulLatin0Log In to Vote
37Acacioboythe Lord holdsHebrew1Log In to Vote
38AcarioboyungratefulLatin0Log In to Vote
39Accursiusboyto hastenLatin0Log In to Vote
40Aceboyunity, one, first rateLatin2Log In to Vote
41Achillesboywithout lips, brown, darkGreek1Log In to Vote
42Achintyaboybeyond imagination/beyond comprehension.Hindu0Log In to Vote
43Achyutaboya name of VishnuHindu0Log In to Vote
44Ackleyboymeadow of oaksEnglish0Log In to Vote
45Actonboytown with many oaksEnglish0Log In to Vote
46AcuzioboysharpLatin1Log In to Vote
47Adairboynoble, exalted, oak-tree fordGaelic1Log In to Vote
48AdalboynobleTeutonic0Log In to Vote
49AdalardoboynobleCeltic0Log In to Vote
50Adalbertboyintelligent or nobleGerman0Log In to Vote
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